Beyond the Book: resources to help you get the most from Logo Creed in and out of the classroom.

Welcome educators!

We’re glad you stopped by. If you’ve landed here, you’re likely considering adopting Logo Creed into your curriculum, or perhaps you’re a designer curious about what students are learning these days. Either way, we’ve identified a few resources and developed a guide to help you get the most from this text.

The elements of identity design are fundamental to visual design and branding, and the applications are endless.

Keep reading to get a better understanding of what you and your students will gain, and access tools to enhance your experience with Logo Creed, including a curriculum guide.

Benefits for Students

Historical perspective

From marking one’s territory to marking... well, everything, the concept of identity has evolved greatly over time.  Logo Creed provides a brief overview of that evolution.


The discovery process: powerful research, reading the air for clues, understanding budgets, redesign versus new project considerations, and knowing what sort of mark to create.

The development process: generating potent ideas, group and solo brainstorming, favorite techniques and processes of leading designers, components of great logos, refining toward the best solutions.

The delivery process: building brand DNA, creating effective presentations, teaching the brand story, and keeping your designs relevant.

Practicalities of design

While most designers would work for free if they could, chances are that your students will need to use their design skills to find or create gainful employment.  Logo Creed helps set the stage for the transition into working as a designer.

Insight and tips

Logo Creed provides a peek behind the curtain as some of the industry's rockstars share their processes, techniques, false starts and successes.

A Prime resource

Special accounts are available that allow educators and students to view logos uploaded to LogoLounge.  Logos may not be uploaded with an education account, but full search capability is granted.

Tools for Educators

Educator’s Guide

Whether you’re incorporating a new focus area into existing curriculum or teaching a complete identity design course, this guide is designed to give you as much guidance and flexibility as you require.  Each section includes suggested chapters, corresponding assignments and related resources that can be followed in succession or intermittently.

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Free Educator Accounts at

These free accounts allow educators to search the entirety of the LogoLounge database, read the articles, access the trend reports, and engage with an international design community.

You can even share your login information with your students so that they may become familiar with this powerful research, inspiration and networking tool!

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Resources for research and inspiration are abundant, but finding quality resources can be tricky, not to mention expensive. At, you’ll find more than 240,000 searchable logos submitted by designers around the world, from the most famous to the up-and-coming.